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Our buyers will send you offers, you can accept, reject, or negotiate. And it costs a one-off admin fee of just £12.

But if you sell with an Agent, wait for an offer and wait months for the chain to move - you'll may get more, but you'll also pay more.

Zoopla warns of 6 months to sell this way - and the buyer still wants a reduction. Plus  monthly mortgage and utility fees... scroll down, this can cost an eye-watering £29,000.

So if you want to sell quicker, sign up - your guaranteed to get multiple offers, or get a refund.

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    Zoopla says 6 months to sell your home...

    ...and it can cost you £29,000!

    Based on avg UK house price £250k...

    Buyer reduction (avg 3.8%, Zoopla data)


    Post survey issues


    Estate Agent fees (1.5%)


    Solicitor fees (UK avg)


    Mortgage payments (6 mth UK avg £250k)


    Utilities (6 mth, ONS data)




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